I was so small, shy and short of funds that growing up was a challenge. At age 61 I became a sprinter in the National Senior Games. Twenty years later I had won 60 championships in six states and at 81 won national titles in four events. I invite you to read my books and experience the journey. It is never too late to follow your dreams!

My journey began with a goal to see how fast I could run 40 yards. I went out and marked off 40 yards on the street and thought “I think I can do this.” After I wound up on crutches, I realized preparedness is a virtue! Once I finally mastered sprinting, I set and met many other goals, leading me eventually to the National Senior Games. Countless joyful experiences and numerous awards came along the way, all totally unexpected.

I kept myself motivated and developed tools that helped propel me to becoming a National Champion Sprinter late in life. No matter what age you might be, the personal accomplishments, friendships, and fun are worth the price.

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