My journey began with the goal to see how fast I could run 40 yards. I went out and marked off 40 yards on the street and thought, “I think I can do this.” Needless to say, I wound up on crutches! LOL!

Preparedness is a virtue! Once I finally mastered sprinting, I set other goals and later went to the Nationals. There I set my goal to make a certain time while I surveyed the competition. I made this goal and many more, and so many joyful experiences and awards came along the way, all totally unexpected.

In my books you will learn how I kept myself motivated and which tools I used that helped propel me to becoming a National Champion Sprinter late in life.

No matter what age you might be, the friendships and fun are worth the price. I encourage you to get off the couch and find something that interests you, set your simple goals, and begin. Life is for Living and Winning and remember that there is always one more finish line to cross . . .First!